Learn To Read Financial Statements In 5 Days

Financial Statement School on a tablet

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Everything you need to learn to read the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement, even if you’re a complete beginner.

Written by Brian Feroldi and Brian Stoffel, the creators of The Buffett Method – the course that has helped 500+ students master financial statement analysis.

    This FREE, five-day course will teach you how to find & read financial statements in less than a week.

    Lesson #1 – Overview of the 3 Statements

    We’ll start with an overview of the 3 financial statements and show you how to find them.

    Lesson #2 – Balance Sheet

    Next, we’ll move on the Balance Sheet, which is like a company’s net worth statement. We’ll go line-by-line through the statement so you will understand each of the most commonly used terms.

    Lesson #3 – Income Statement

    Next, we’ll take on the Income Statement, which shows if a company is profitable. You’ll learn the most commonly used terms in Plain English.

    Lesson #4 – Cash Flow Statement

    Next, we’ll cover the Cash Flow Statement, which is the trickiest — but most important — of the three statements. We’ll cover the main sections and show you how to focus on the most important topics.

    Lesson #5 – Red Flags & Green Flags

    We’ll wrap up the course with a video lesson that shows you how to identify 3 financial statement red flags that indicate trouble is on the horizon. We’ll also show you 3 green flags that we LOVE to see in good investments.